Death Star Golfball

The Death Star golfball is professionally screen with the image of the Death Star that encompasses the entire golfball.

Tournament quality golfball, solid core construction, 352 simple pattern. It is legit! But with the Death Star on this golfball you will stand out on the course for sure. However, I am not sure I can come to striking this beauty. It may be more of a collectors piece or given as a gift. The death start symbolizes all hope for the Empire! Support your troopers and the Sith with this great golfball.

Golfball Markers

Hello I am Mike. I sell various golfball markers and some other neat items you may like. Check out what I have here and on my etsy shop.

Various golf courses from around the USA and abroad. Some really nice golf course markers. All are new vintage old stock. Also, all are magnetic and work with hat clips unless noted otherwise.

Golf course markers

These golf course markers make great gifts and collectibles. Everything listed in the shop is ready to ship. If you are looking for a particular course let me know as I may have it.

What’s a Golfball Marker

A ball marker is typically a small disc, such as a coin “or other similar object,” according to Rule 20-1 of the Rules of Golf. However, United States Golf Association Decision 20-1/16 explains that Rule 20-1 merely suggests the best object with which to mark the ball, but doesn’t mandate a particular item. That decision states that a tee, a loose impediment or a golf club may all be used to mark a ball. Scratching a line into the green, while not recommended because the act may damage the surface, is also permitted. An existing mark on the green that happens to line up behind the ball may not be considered a marker.