Star Wars Golf Ball Markers

Custom made golf ball markers with the likeness of some of your favorite Star Wars characters.

These golf ball markers look awesome on the greens. Leave your mark in style when it is time to put. All are magnetic and work with hat clips. made of solid metal allow and will last a long long time.

Some of our golf ball markers are of Darth Vader, Boba fett, Stormtroopers to name a few.

All are painted with high quality paint that will not rub or fade off. Do not be fooled by some people who sell ink screened golfball markers. They are using inks that will not last or hold up in outdoor weather.

These markers measure 1.5mm and have a smooth back for a perfect lie on the greens.

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Star Wars themed magnetic golf ball markers make great gifts for the golfer or collector. They also make great keepsakes for the collector.

stormtrooper golfball marker

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